I Have Five Children

I know this day is not always an easy one for people.  Some have lost their mothers.  Others have lost their children.  Some have strained parent child relationships.  So, celebrating can also be strained or down right painful.  My heart goes out to all who fall into any of those categories. May this Mother’s Day … More I Have Five Children


All I want for Christmas is…a do-over button. Playing the various versions of the “what if…” game is a dangerous habit to get into.  I should know; I’ve spent a lot of years playing.  And while I have tried most of this year to break the habit, the closer I get to “going home for Christmas” … More Do-Over

A Little Love Never Hurts

My long distant friend, Shelby, wrote this post about an on-going conversation she’s having in her head.  She’s arguing with herself about her body, her life, her body, her relationships, her body, her adventures, her body, her exercise plan…you get the idea.  Her words opened the floodgates to my own wrestling mind, about my wrestling mind.  Shelby … More A Little Love Never Hurts

Jump in the Water

To the left you will see an image that greeted me on FB this morning.  I understand the intent behind posting an image like this is to encourage others to trust God, to know Jesus is with them.  But, the implication that He literally won’t allow them to drown in their sorrow, depression, fear, etc. is … More Jump in the Water

Gray on Grey

My sons and a few other folks have been having a conversation generated by this blog which advises women to avoid the movie version of 50 Shades of Grey due to be released shortly. I would be very later to their conversation if I joined now but I have a few thoughts so I think … More Gray on Grey

Finding Balance

2014 has been one of the best years of my adult life.  I graduated at age 55 with a BFA in art and a renewed secondary teaching certificate.  I landed a job teaching 10th grade English and journalism (even though I’ve never even taken a journalism class before).  I have five healthy (and I think … More Finding Balance